Perforated Metal
Wire Cloth
Expanded Metal
Grip Strut
Fabricated Stainless
Steel Trays
for the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Custom Fence Panels
with Perforated Backing
Stainless Steel Vertical
Mesh for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Perforated Aluminum for
Virginia Commonwealth University Student Housing Project
Perforated Aluminum Panels
for VCU Broad and Belvedere Student Apartments
Perforated Steel Panels
for an Elementary School
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About Argus Steel Products

Our mission is to be the best specialty metal supplier in America; to be the very best in our business. Toward this end we will not only listen to our customers but embrace the idea that Argus Steel is at their service. We are relentless in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and excellence. We live by the old axiom that it is much easier to keep an old customer than to get a new one.

We want to be the easiest supplier for customers to use, committed to supplying customers with the finest, high-quality products and to leading the industry in knowledge and customer service.

Our goal is to be the leader in every market we serve. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Through our experience, our drive and the expertise of each individual salesperson, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class service to a varied customer base through dedication and excellence. All of our salespeople have over twenty-five years of experience in our specialty field. When you call, you will always talk to one of our experts, not a machine or voicemail.

Our business is specialty metals. Our mission is customer satisfaction!