Perforated Metal
Wire Cloth
Expanded Metal
Grip Strut
Fabricated Stainless
Steel Trays
for the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Custom Fence Panels
with Perforated Backing
Stainless Steel Vertical
Mesh for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Perforated Aluminum for
Virginia Commonwealth University Student Housing Project
Perforated Aluminum Panels
for VCU Broad and Belvedere Student Apartments
Perforated Steel Panels
for an Elementary School
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Fabricated Stainless Steel Trays
for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Fabricated Stainless Steel Tray
Fabricated Stainless Steel Tray
Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Perforated Tray
Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Perforated Tray
Steel Tray
Steel Tray

The project highlighted here was designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry to aid in sterilizing bottles, vials, beakers, or other small containers. At Argus Steel, we specialize in providing our customers with quality fabricated products, and flexible manufacturing processes, and have done so successfully for over 25 years. These trays exemplify this ability; they are manufactured in both plain, mill finish and polished finishes and in various quantities, sizes, and materials. In most cases they are composed of T304 stainless steel; however we also have supplied them in T316SS, and in thicknesses ranging from 16 to 20 guage. We can hold tolerances of ±1/32", delivering a clean, smooth, precise, burr free tray ready to use.

The manufacturing process consists of perforating on high speed, multi punch presses and then flattening. This is followed by blanking, sometimes re-flattening, then re-shearing and deburring. The finished trays are then degreased and polished, if necessary, prior to dimensional inspections. Delivery for this tray typically is 3 to 5 weeks, depending on quantity. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, contact us directly.

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