Perforated Metal
Wire Cloth
Expanded Metal
Grip Strut
Fabricated Stainless
Steel Trays
for the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Custom Fence Panels
with Perforated Backing
Stainless Steel Vertical
Mesh for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Perforated Aluminum for
Virginia Commonwealth University Student Housing Project
Perforated Aluminum Panels
for VCU Broad and Belvedere Student Apartments
Perforated Steel Panels
for an Elementary School
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How to Order from Argus Steel Products

How to Order Perforated Metals | How to Order Wire Cloth | How to Order Expanded Metal | How to Order Grating | How to Order Grip Strut

How to Order Perforated Metals

Quantity – pieces of full sheets

Gauge or Thickness in inches

Size – width and length

Perforation size

Perforations centers – staggered, straight, or % open area

Hole shape – round, square, or slot

Material – stainless, cold rolled, hot rolled, aluminum, or special alloys

Margins or special layouts

Secondary operations – de-burring, degreasing, notching, forming, or painting

Argus Steel offers many ways to order perforated metal, depending on quantity price and lead time:

  • The quickest and often times the cheapest is to buy standard, stock size sheets: 3’ x 8’, 3’ x10’, 4 ’x 8’, and 4’ x 10’. We stock different gauges in different sizes, depending on demand and tool width, but the most common size for 20 gauges and heavier is 4’X 10’. We can usually ship a stock size sheet the same day as ordered if we receive the order before noon.
  • Drops or cut pieces offer you the ability to purchase your requirement in less than full sheets. If you need four square feet of 18 ga. Stainless to make a basket, strainer or filter, you do not have to buy a whole sheet. This saves you a lot of money in both material and shipping, because most of the time your order can be shipped by UPS rather than motor freight. Drops can also be shipped same day; if we have to cut a piece it may take 24 hours.
  • Custom perforating offers you the exact size and quantity you need for your job. There is usually a set up charge involved, but if there is any quantity this is the best way to buy perforated metal. The lead time for a custom size and perforation runs from five days to three weeks, depending on raw material and current backlog. If you have the time you will get the exact size you need without any additional shearing or scrap.
  • A blanket order offers you the ability of ordering a large quantity of your requirements - perhaps a six month supply - which we can release on demand.
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How To Order Wire Cloth

Quantity – number of rolls, cut pieces, or square feet.

Size – length and width of each item. Stock widths are 36”, 48” and 60” x any length up to 100’. Wider widths are available by special order and rolls can be slit down to any width.

Mesh – mesh count is the number of openings per linear inch- 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 20 mesh - or sometimes it is stated as center to center of wires – ½” mesh, ¼” mesh.

Space cloth is described by the clear opening or clear space between wires – 1/2” space, 1” open, 2” space.

Wire size – diameter of wire in decimals of an inch or sometimes expressed as wire gauge. Common diameters: .010, .012, .014, .016,.020, .023, .025, .028, .035, .041, .047, .063, .080, .105, .120, .135

Type of metal

Type of Weave – plain, twill, plain Dutch, or twilled Dutch

Type of Crimp – Plain weave or double crimp, intermediate crimp, lock crimp.

Welded – specify welded or woven.


8 mesh x .028” 304SS, 1 roll 36” x 100’

4 mesh x .047” 304SS; 5 pcs. 60” x 60”

1” space x .120” steel; lock crimp, 20 pcs. 33” x 56”

½” x 19 ga. (.041”) galvanized after welded; 5 rolls 4’ x 100’

2” open x 1/4” welded steel; 12 pcs. 4’ x 10’

40 mesh x .010” 316SS; 7 rolls 12” x 100’

100 mesh x .0045” monel; 100 circles @ 6” diameter

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How to Order Expanded Metal

  • Specify the size sheet required, listing SWD(Short Way of Diamond) first, LWD(Long Way of Diamond) second.
    Example: 4'0" SWD x 8'0" LWD
  • Specify the number of sheets or pieces required.
  • Specify the nominal width of the diamond SWD
    Example: 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2"
  • Specify the style of the sheet
    Example: #18, #20, #16, #13, #9
  • Specify R (Regular), F (Flattend)
  • Specify the type of metal required.
    Example: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, etc.

    Example of typical order:
    100 SHEETS...3/4" ...#9F
    4'-0" x 8'-0" CARBON STEEL
  Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal

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How to Order Grating

Size and Type (Bar Grating)

  • Type of grating – welded, pressure-locked, swage-locked, riveted
  • type of material – steel, stainless, aluminum of fiberglass
  • Bearing bar size – depth and thickness – 1” x 3/16”
  • Bearing bar spacing, center-to-center – 19-W-4 = 19/16” or 1-3/16” on center.
  • Cross bar spacing - center-to-center – 19-W-4 = 4” on center
  • Span direction – direction in which bearing bars are to run
  • Grating finish – mill, painted, powder-coated or galvanized
  • Smooth or serrated

Drawing Showing: (If layout is complicated)

  • Area to be covered – all critical dimensions
  • Span (direction of bearing bars)
  • Method of support
  • Banding, toe plate or nosing
  • Treads – size, description and type of nosing

Types of Anchors Required:

  • Grating clamp
  • Saddle clip
  • Anchor block
  • Tack weld
  • Z clip
  • Plank lug


1-1/4” x 3/16” 19W4 steel grating, galvanized, 12 pcs. 3’ x 15”- 6” span
2” x 3/8” 22W4 steel grating, mill finish, 6 panels 3’ x 20’ span

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How to Order Grip Strut

The catalog number code given below will assist you in ordering the material according to the specifications required. Call Argus Steel Products for full Grip Strut catalog.

1. Steel: First numeral is width. “8” denotes 8-diamond or 18-3/4” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “12” denotes 12 gauge, “14” denotes 14 gauge. Standard material is hot dipped galvanized (ASTM A525)

Example: 82014 = 8-Diamond, 18-3/4” wide, 2” channel, 14 gauge

2. Aluminum: First numeral is width. “4” denotes 4-diamond or 9-1/2” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “10” denotes .100” thick, “12” denotes .080” thick. Material -A: Denotes aluminum.

Example: 42012-A = 4-Diamond, 9-1/2” wide, 2” channel, .080 thick, aluminum

3. Stainless Steel: First numeral is width. “5” denotes 5-diamond or 11-3/4” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “16” denotes 16 gauge. Material - S = Type 304, SL = 316L

Example: 52016-S = 5-Diamond, 113/4” wide, 2” channel, 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless

4. Stair Treads:  Any of the above numbers preceded by “T-” Example: T-42014 = 4-Diamond, 9-1/2” wide, 2” channel, 14 gauge, steel stair tread

Standard Sizes:  Planks: Standard 10’-0” and 12’-0” lengths are 120” and 144” respectively, with a tolerance of -0” +1/4”. Special lengths are available. Treads: Stair tread lengths are as required with tolerances of ± 1/8”.

Raw Materials:

  1. Finishes:
    1. Pre-galvanized - ASTM A525
    2. 14 gauge: hot rolled, commercial quality, oiled black steel and commercial quality, commercial coating, chemically treated galvanized steel.
    3. 12 gauge: hot rolled, pickled and oiled, commercial quality black steel and commercial quality, commercial coating, chemically treated galvanized steel.
  2. Aluminum: Alloy 5052 H-32 mill finish
  3. Stainless Steel: 2B finish - 316L (light, cold rolled) — 2D finish - 304 (cold rolled)

Fabrication service: On large jobs, Argus Steel estimates, quotes, details and fabricates to your requirements. Lump-sum quotations are made from submitted plans and specifications. After receipt of order, a bill of materials and necessary layout drawings are prepared. Grating is supplied with special cutting, banding and toe plates installed where needed.

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