Perforated Metal
Wire Cloth
Expanded Metal
Grip Strut
Fabricated Stainless
Steel Trays
for the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Custom Fence Panels
with Perforated Backing
Stainless Steel Vertical
Mesh for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Perforated Aluminum for
Virginia Commonwealth University Student Housing Project
Perforated Aluminum Panels
for VCU Broad and Belvedere Student Apartments
Perforated Steel Panels
for an Elementary School
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Grip Strut Safety Gratings

Grip Strut Safety Gratings

Advantages of the Safest Walking and Working surfaces available:

Economical to install, use

In addition to low material cost and nominal erection cost, Grip Strut Safety Grating also saves with its long-lasting, rust-resisting materials and finishes. Standard mill-galvanized finish resists corrosion to provide lasting surfaces. High-strength aluminum and Types 304 and 316L stainless steel are available to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Black unpainted steel available for installations requiring hot dipped galvanized finish after fabrication. These light weight but brawny panels permit substantial reduction in structural steel requirements. Open design is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance free.

Safer, serrated surface

Grips soles securely - in all directions - in practically every place. These non-slip Grip Strut Grating surfaces are ideal for inside or outside locations where mud, ice, snow, oil and detergents can create hazardous walking conditions. Openings are small enough to catch falling tools and other dangerous objects.

Maintenance-free open design

Permits quick drainage of fluids, chips, grease and mud. Any ice accumulation shears easily under normal foot pressure. Open design allows convenient access for cleaning. It is easily cleaned with brush, liquid or air spray to minimize overall maintenance.

High load capacity, long life

High strength-to-weight performance is achieved through depth of section and structural design. Bridged struts with integral side channels form a plank that can support loads with minimum transverse and longitudinal deflection. There are no rivets or pressure joints to break or loosen. This sturdy construction provides the advantages of heavy load-carrying capacity with minimal deflection; rugged durability with longer lasting performance.

Fast Installation

Light, easy-to-handle planks make installation simpler and quicker. They can be handled by one man. Most sections are rapidly bolted, clamped or welded into place, easily field-cut at virtually any angle, or fabricated to adapt to field conditions. Several attachment devices permit fastening to most existing surfaces; allow fast installation or disassembly.

Versatile in application

A variety of Standard widths and channel heights combine with numerous Non-Standard shapes and sizes to meet almost any requirement of strength, size, durability, weight, finish, appearance and application. Grip Strut Safety Grating combines safety and durability with ease of fabrication and versatility. One piece construction - no welds or rivets to fail - minimizes need for plant fabrication. Special shapes and forming can be accomplished to suit unusual requirements.

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