B Decking

A B deck is the most commonly used form of structural metal decking for short- and medium-span roofing and flooring applications. Argus Steel is your one-stop headquarters for premium B decking solutions that will add significant value to your construction projects. Since 1979, we’ve provided superior metal products backed by exceptional customer service.

Types of B Decking

B decking is available in multiple flooring and roofing configurations. For a non-standard specification not listed below, please contact us for further information.

Roof/Floor Decking

B roof/floor decking is a ribbed structural metal panel consisting of non-composite material, typically galvanized steel. It performs well for applications requiring maximum vertical load capabilities and diaphragm shear for roofing and rigid-board insulation. B decking can also have an assortment of side overlap (sidelap) attachments to deliver customized project results. The most commonly used type of B decking is 1.5″ ribbed decking.

Our B decking is manufactured from stock coils in 22, 20, 18, 16, or 14 GA galvanized or prime painted steel. Panels are manufactured to the customer’s required length to order. Stainless steel and galvalume options are available upon special request.

What Are the Many B Deck Benefits?

B decking has numerous benefits, regardless of whether you use it for flooring applications or as a roofing material. A high material strength ensures long-term results and maximum structural load capacity. This versatile solution can also nest into itself for organization and offers a relatively easy installation process due to the sidelap. For load information, please see the below PDF.

B-Decking PDF

We Also Offer Corrugated Siding

Argus Steel can provide corrugated metal siding for your roofing projects. This material has become a top choice for commercial and agricultural buildings due to its excellent protection against rain, snow, hail and wind. Corrugated steel also resists denting and warping, especially compared to vinyl siding. The material’s low maintenance requirements make this siding suitable for building owners who don’t have the time or resources to perform regular upkeep. Corrugated siding comes custom manufactured to the customer’s desired length in the below three profiles with standard gauges of 24, 22, 20 & 18:

Learn More About B Decking and Corrugated Siding From Argus Steel

Argus Steel can provide exceptional metal decking and corrugated siding solutions to roofing and construction companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Take the next step and contact us online for additional product and pricing information today. You can also give us a call at 800.368.2082.

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