Perforated Steel Panels for an Elementary School

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To add a whimsical modern look to a Durham, NC elementary school, the architect designed perforated steel panels to simulate the look of building blocks. We perforated the panels with 1″perforations on 1-1/4″ centers to yield 58% open area for a high-visibility, wind resistant, light filtering solution. Although the original specifications called for a galvanized finish, we recommended a powder coating option, which would provide a more vibrant look, while still being durable and corrosion resistant. The architect liked that proposal and arranged for the power coating services, after which the panels were mounted in galvanized steel frames prior to installation. In retrospect, perhaps the entire frame should have been powder coated, rather than galvanized, for better continuity.

The distinctive look of this architectural element helped define and enhance the elementary schools image, and provides a fun, welcoming entrance for young children. Although this order was small, 21 pieces total, the flexibility of our operations enables us to process it with the same attention to detail and customer care that we deliver on all of our projects.

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