Wire Cloth

Industrial professionals around the world rely on wire cloth to filter materials, build barriers near machines, and protect employees from safety hazards. Also known as wire fabric or wire mesh, sturdy industrial wire cloth products are extremely versatile and can easily adapt to your applications.

Wire cloth exists in numerous forms. The type of metal material you use as well as how it is constructed plays a pivotal role in overall strength and performance. Here at Argus Steel, we have been connecting customers to specialty metal products for over 40 years.


With hundreds of options available in stock, we are able to meet almost any requirement with same day or next day shipping. Focusing primarily on T304 and T316 stainless steel, we also have stock in high tensile carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, titanium, & other high-temperature alloys.

The experts at Argus Steel take the time to learn the requirements of your project before providing recommendations. One of our representatives will be happy to guide you through the selection process after hearing more about your expectations for performance. From closing off gaps near walkways to handling heat-sensitive liquids in an industrial plant, our metal mesh screens provide your operation with the following benefits:

  • Durability: T304 & T316 stainless steel wire mesh offers superior chemical resistance allowing material to stay structurally sound through repeated trials. With strong anti-corrosive properties, this wire mesh provides a long-lasting solution for your toughest filtration needs.
  • Ventilation: Stainless steel wire cloth screens are designed with a series of small openings throughout, allowing air, liquids, and gases to exit through metal materials without an issue.
  • Lightweight builds: Argus Steel distributes metal wire mesh products with high strength-to-weight ratios. These stainless steel and alloy materials can often be installed by a single individual.


We provide wire cloth fabrication services to industrial customers with full-service stock and custom capabilities relating to wire mesh, wire fabric, woven wire, welded wire, filter cloth, space screen, tensile bolting cloth, space cloth, hardware cloth, and vibrating screens with hook strips.


Our products are welded or woven and can be provided in shapes such as circles, donuts, baskets, or blanks. Available in market or mill grade, we offer material in wire diameters from .0008″ to .5″+ with mesh counts up to 635, and options including decorative diamond, or rectangular forms.

Welded wire mesh products undergo heat treatments for permanent bonds at each joint. The welding process causes industrial wire screens to become rigid in nature, which makes these ideal for safety barriers. Our galvanized welded mesh offerings provide further protection from moisture, oxidation, and sudden temperature changes.

Woven wire mesh panels consist of metal strands intertwined together. With a variety of woven options from intercrimp, lockcrimp, and double intermediate crimp, we can help our customers find the look that is best suited to their project.

We supply material in rolls or sheets. Standard rolls can be up to 100′ long and up to 72″ wide, with some wider sizes available. Special treatments include calendering, and passivating that are sure to meet the needs of any application. No job is too large or too small.

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Types of Wire Mesh Products Available at Argus Steel

Argus Steel is your national distributor of custom wire mesh products. From filters to wall partitions, we introduce you to affordable solutions for your facility. Review some of our popular offerings below:

Welded Wire Mesh

Our welded wire mesh panel offerings are resistance-welded for incredible strength. Intersecting wire patterns create a consistent appearance for indoor and outdoor applications. Argus Steel makes it possible to integrate welded wire mesh configurations made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, and carbon steel.

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is woven in a variety of different ways. Common methods include plain weave construction, which is a one over, one under weave, intermediate crimp (commonly known as inter crimp) in which both the warp & shute wires are pre-crimped prior weaving, and lock crimp, in which the wires are crimped at the intersections. Other weave styles such as twilled weave and dutch weave are available depending upon mesh capabilities.

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Screen

Consider stainless steel mesh screens for harsh filtration tasks and architectural accents. We see our clients use this technology when handling paints, hot liquids, and fuels since stainless steel materials resist rust. You can also reuse these mesh screens to get the most out of your investments. Argus Steel distributes industrial wire screens that work as sunscreens, railing infill panels, speaker grilles, and more.

Steel Hardware Cloth

Stainless steel hardware cloth is ideal for outdoor use to protect gardens & vents from rodents, reptiles, or other nuisance wildlife. Whether it’s keeping chickens enclosed, or keeping birds from nesting in ventilation, there’s a hardware cloth option available to suit your requirements.

Machine Guards

Protector your people & equipment at your facility using steel and galvanized steel materials. Wire mesh products help you create square-shaped enclosures for machines, systems, and equipment requiring permission to operate. Argus Steel solutions are lightweight and economical for any size budget.

Hex Netting Wire Mesh

Place an order for hex netting wire mesh products available in different widths and lengths. Argus Steel selections can be used to support building insulation materials. Industrial teams may also create barriers between windows using these wire mesh screens with hexagonal openings. Their steel strands are twisted together to form the opening dimensions of your choice.

Security Fencing

Update your industrial facility to secure tools, products, and machines. Our security fencing solutions keep intruders out, as the small openings in metal mesh screens make it impossible to climb over barriers and prevent hand tools from fitting through, providing exceptional peace of mind. Argus Steel security fencing products are ideal for positioning in a vertical or horizontal fashion around the perimeter of your plant.

Intended Uses

  • Industrial Filtering
  • Straining
  • Sizing
  • Rail Panels
  • Infill Panels
  • Security Screens
  • Fire Screen Mesh
  • Wire Mesh Partitions
  • Hardware Cloth
  • Window Guards
  • Architectural Products
  • Chicken Wire
  • Hex Netting
  • Rat Wire
  • Bird Screen
  • Crab Pot wire
  • Institutional Detention Screens
  • Mining
  • Insulation
  • Railing Infill Panels
  • Vanity Screens
  • Tobacco Degradation Screens

How To Order Wire Cloth

Quantity – Number of rolls, cut pieces, or square feet.

Size – Length and width of each item. Stock widths are 36”, 48”, and 60” x any length up to 100’. Wider widths are available by special order and rolls can be slit down to any width.

Mesh – Mesh count is the number of openings per linear inch- 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 20 mesh – or sometimes it is stated as center to center of wires – ½” mesh, ¼” mesh.
Space Cloth – Described by the clear opening or clear space between wires – 1/2” space, 1” open, 2” space.

Wire Size – Diameter of wire in decimals of an inch or sometimes expressed as wire gauge. Wire diameters increase as mesh counts increase. Available diameters from .0010” to .250”.

View Common Wire Cloth Sizes

Type of Material – T304 and T316 stainless steel, carbon steel, both galvanized before and hot dip galvanized after, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Monel®, titanium, & other high-temperature alloys.
Type of Weave – Plain, twill, plain Dutch, or Dutch twill.

Type of Crimp – Plain weave or double crimp, intermediate crimp, lock crimp.

Type of Construction – Specify welded or woven.

8 mesh x .028” 304SS, 1 roll 36” x 100’
4 mesh x .032” 304SS welded; 5 pcs. 60” x 60”
1” space x .120” steel; lock crimp, 20 pcs. 33” x 56”
½” x 19 ga. (.041”) galvanized after welded; 5 rolls 4’ x 100’
2” open x 1/4” welded steel; 12 pcs. 4’ x 10’
100 mesh x .0045” Monel®; 100 circles 6” diameter


Wire cloth installations often mount near machines and high-traffic areas. To protect your employees from sharp edges, Argus Steel stocks U-edging accessories for your orders. U-Edging channel creates a small bumper around the perimeter of infill panels and screens — we can add these pieces to your purchases for an additional fee.

Argus Steel recommends U-edging to shield metal materials from minor impacts. Prolong the life of your investments with accessories available in stock sizes of 10′ and 12′ lengths.

U Edging


Argus Steel is based out of Virginia, and we ship welded and woven wire mesh panels both nationally and internationally. Our team prides itself on quick shipping capabilities, an impressive stock list of metal goods, and personalized customer service to help industrial buyers find what they need. For pricing information, give us a call at 800.368.2082 or complete a contact form to receive a free quote!

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