Wire Cloth Fabrication Services

With hundreds of options available in stock, we are able to meet almost any requirement with same day or next day shipping. Focusing primarily in T304 and T316 stainless steel, we also have stock in high tensile carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, titanium, & other high temperature alloys. We provide wire cloth fabrication services to industrial customers with a full-service stock and custom fabrication of wire mesh, wire fabric, woven wire, welded wire, filter cloth, space screen, tensile bolting cloth, space cloth, hardware cloth, and vibrating screens with hook strips.

Our products are welded or woven and can be provided in shapes such as circles, donuts, baskets or blanks. Available in market or mill grade, we offer material in wire diameters from .0008″ to .5″+ with mesh counts up to 635, and options including decorative diamond, or rectangular forms.

We supply material in rolls or sheets. Standard roll can be up to 100′ long and up to 72″ wide, with some wider sizes available. Special treatments include calendering, and passivating that are sure to meet the needs of any application. No job is too large or too small.

Intended Uses

  • Industrial Filtering
  • Straining
  • Sizing
  • Rail Panels
  • Infill Panels
  • Security Screens
  • Fire Screen Mesh
  • Wire Mesh Partitions
  • Hardware Cloth
  • Window Guards
  • Architectural Products
  • Chicken Wire
  • Hex Netting
  • Rat Wire
  • Bird Screen
  • Crab Pot wire
  • Institutional Detention Screens
  • Mining
  • Insulation
  • Railing Infill Panels
  • Vanity Screens
  • Tobacco Degradation Screens

How To Order Wire Cloth

Quantity – Number of rolls, cut pieces, or square feet.

Size – Length and width of each item. Stock widths are 36”, 48” and 60” x any length up to 100’. Wider widths are available by special order and rolls can be slit down to any width.

Mesh – Mesh count is the number of openings per linear inch- 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 20 mesh – or sometimes it is stated as center to center of wires – ½” mesh, ¼” mesh.
Space Cloth – Described by the clear opening or clear space between wires – 1/2” space, 1” open, 2” space.

Wire Size – Diameter of wire in decimals of an inch or sometimes expressed as wire gauge. Wire diameters increase as mesh counts increase. Available diameters from .0010” to .250”

Type of Material – T304 and T316 stainless steel, arbon steel, both galvanized before and hot dip galvanized after, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Monel®, titanium, & other high temperature alloys
Type of Weave – Plain, twill, plain Dutch, or Dutch twill.

Type of Crimp – Plain weave or double crimp, intermediate crimp, lock crimp.

Type of Construction – Specify welded or woven.

8 mesh x .028” 304SS, 1 roll 36” x 100’
4 mesh x .032” 304SS welded; 5 pcs. 60” x 60”
1” space x .120” steel; lock crimp, 20 pcs. 33” x 56”
½” x 19 ga. (.041”) galvanized after welded; 5 rolls 4’ x 100’
2” open x 1/4” welded steel; 12 pcs. 4’ x 10’
100 mesh x .0045” Monel®; 100 circles 6” diameter

How to Order