Perforated Aluminum Panels for Broad & Belvedere Student Apartments

At the Broad & Belvidere Student Apartments, perforated aluminum panels were chosen disguise a fire escape on the back of the building. For this application, the architects chose ½” perforations on 11/16″staggered centers to yield a 48% open area.

The perforated panels were powder coated and installed within an aluminum square tubing framework to provide security, ventilation, and light, as well as an attractive appearance. A perforated door at the bottom of the stairs provides additional security.

This building, as well as the VCU Honors College dormitory, both benefited from the use of a perforated aluminum skin. In addition to its strength, durability, non-corrosive, and lightweight properties, perforated aluminum provides a low cost solution for creating a visually appealing, modern look.

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