Perforated Metal

With hundreds of tooling options available, we can offer round holes, square holes, slots, hexagonal perforations as well as many other design options.

Using multiple techniques enables us to create almost any shape and perforation pattern including multiple die punching, single punch, CNC, laser cutting, plasma CNC and more.

Material thickness ranges from 28 gauge to 1″ thick plate in stainless steel, galvanized, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and exotic nickel alloys such as the Monel® series.

Hole sizes range from .020″ to over 3-1/2″.

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The versatile perforated metal products from Argus Steel are suitable for diverse projects. We cater to those operating in industrial and architectural settings with several options for perforation shape, size, and layout. Choose the optimal gauge of metal materials with perforation openings in the following configurations:

  • Round hole perforated metal: Round perforations are our most popular options for industrial facilities and architectural uses. Argus Steel provides round hole perforated sheets in staggered in either 60 degree or 45-degree or straight-line patterns. Choose from materials such as stainless steel, plain steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or many other alloys for orders. Perforations leave room for air, light, gases, sound, and solids to pass through.
  • Square hole perforated metal: Argus Steel supplies square hole perforated metal screens for applications in which large or small openings are required. Our square hole perforated metal plates provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and a uniform appearance. Argus Steel products are available in staggered row and straight row patterns.
  • Slotted hole perforated metal: Purchase metal products with slotted hole perforations for ventilation, or as needed for aggregate screening needs. With options available as side staggered, end staggered, or straight row layouts make it possible for you to meet your required tolerances whatever the application.
  • Hexagonal perforated metal: Industrial buyers opt for hexagonal perforated metal sheets for aesthetic appeal. With a high percentage of open area, hex perforated metal is ideal for any application in which airflow is critical.
  • Decorative perforated metal: Argus Steel offers a wide variety of decorative perforated metal patterns. We meet your project requirements by offering hole shapes in multiple geometric styles.

perforation patterns



  • Perforating sheets, coils, and blanks
  • Shearing to exact sizes
  • Leveling to original flatness
  • Degreasing and deburring to a smooth, dry surface
  • Polishing
  • Slitting
  • Forming and bending
  • Notching corners
  • Adding bolt holes
  • Spot welding
  • Heat treating
  • Powder coating

Intended Applications for Perforated Metal

  • Railing Infill Panels
  • Strainers
  • Architectural Accents
  • Equipment & Machine Guards
  • Sterilizer Trays
  • Degradations Screens
  • Duct Liner
  • Security Screens
  • Interior / Exterior Signs
  • Grills
  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels
  • Diffusers
  • Guardrails
  • RFI/EMI Shielding
  • Conveyor Flights
  • Tobacco Screens
  • Dryer Flights
  • Speaker Grills
  • Filter Baskets
  • Sound Abatement
  • Peanut Screens
  • Lighting Accessories
  • Hammermill Screens
  • Vanity Screens
  • Pharmaceutical Trays

How to Order Perforated Metals

Quantity – Pieces of full sheets.

Gauge – Thickness in inches.

Size – Width and length.

Perforation size – Diameter of holes.

Perforation centers – Staggered, straight, or percentage of open area.

Hole shape – Round, square, or slotted.

Material Options – Stainless, cold rolled, hot rolled, aluminum, or special alloys.

Margins – Minimum side, no end, or custom margin requirements.

Argus Steel offers many ways to order perforated metal, depending on quantity, price, and lead time:

  • The quickest and often times the cheapest is to buy standard, stock size sheets: 3’ x 8’, 3’ x10’, 4 ’x 8’, and 4’ x 10’. We stock different gauges in different sizes, depending on availability and tool width, but the most common size for 20 gauges and heavier is 4’X 10’. We can usually ship a stock size sheet the same day as ordered if we receive the order before noon.
  • Drops or cut pieces offer you the ability to purchase your requirement in less than full sheets. If you need four square feet of 18 ga. Stainless to make a basket, strainer, or filter, you do not have to buy a whole sheet. This saves you money in both material and shipping, because most of the time your order can be shipped by UPS rather than motor freight. Drops can also be shipped same day; if we have to shear a piece it may take 24 hours.
  • Custom perforating offers you the exact size and quantity you need for your job. There is usually a setup charge involved, but if there is any quantity, this is the best way to buy perforated metal. The lead time for a custom size and perforation runs from five days to three weeks, depending on raw material and the current backlog. If you have the time, you will get the exact size you need without any additional shearing or scrap.
  • blanket order allows you to order a large quantity of your requirements—perhaps a six-month supply—which we can release on demand.


Argus Steel also provides customers with U-Edging accessories for perforated metals. Talk to us about the guidelines of your project, and we will explain your options for U-edge channel. U-edging covers sharp sides and corners across perforated metal plates, screens, and objects so pieces will retain their shape and remain safe to touch.

We recommend U-edging accessories for perforated panel railings and other high-contact surfaces. U-edging channel can be welded in place to create a finished look for your industrial or architectural applications.

U Edging

Perforated Metal Panels - How to Guidelines

Follow Our Specification Guidelines

  • Quantity
  • Gauge or Thickness
  • Size, Width & Length
  • Perforations & Centers
  • Hole Shape (Round, Square, Slot)
  • Type of Material (S/S , CRS, HRS, Alum, Plastic)
  • Special Borders or Margins
  • Secondary Operations = Bolt Holes, Forming, Painting, Notching, etc.


Argus Steel is a national & worldwide perforated metal supplier. We serve all of the United States and are able to ship internationally from our East Coast location. Our team prides itself on outstanding customer support, and we are happy to provide our clients with quick shipping timelines, no-minimum orders, and an extensive inventory to serve our customers. If you’re located in the mid-Atlantic or mid-South regions, next-day service is usually available.

Your search for affordable custom perforated steel panels and other specialty metal products stops at Argus Steel. For more information about pricing, call 800.368.2082  or complete a form online to receive a quote for your next order.

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