Perforated Aluminum for Virginia Commonwealth University Student Housing Project

Virginia Commonwealth University purchased the Richmond Metropolitan Hospital and sought to update the building and transform it into classroom and residential space for the VCU Honors College.

To modernize the building they chose the sleek look of perforated aluminum to add a design element on the front of the building and on the new entrance canopy. Specifications called for .125″ aluminum perforated with 3/4″ holes on 1″ staggered canters to yield a 51% open area.

The perforated sheets were formed into 40 panels measuring 2″ in depth, 22″ in width, and 11′ in height to give them strength and dimensionality. A black powder coat finish added eye catching appeal and additional durability for outdoor exposure.

The panels were installed 8-across and 5-high on structural supports on the building fa├žade. This new 5-story tall facelift gave the entrance of the building depth, definition, and a bold, unique architectural appearance, all at a relatively low cost.

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