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Argus Steel is an authorized distributor of Grip Strut®, Perf-O Grip®, and Traction Tread safety gratings for environments where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, detergents, and chemicals create hazardous walking and working situations.

Grip Strut® is lightweight and features a non-skid surface, which is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. Planks are constructed in one piece and feature a serrated surface with formed side channels. With a high load capacity and long life, this safety flooring suits all types of manufacturing environments and can be easily installed and removed.

Perf-O Grip™ Gratings feature a surface of large de-bossed holes and perforated buttons that provide maximum slip resistance regardless of conditions or direction. The surface of Perf-O Grip™ is designed not only to increase safety, but also to cushion footfalls to decrease worker fatigue.

Traction Tread™ stair treads prevent slips and falls on stairs located where adverse conditions may create safety hazards for workers and pedestrians. The manufacturing of these unique safety grates makes them easy to install, with welded end carrier plates and pre-punched holes speeding up the process. The nosing is customizable, which enables Traction Tread™ to work for any size stair riser. 

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Intended Applications

  • Work Platforms
  • Catwalks
  • Pedestrian Stair Treads
  • Inclined Ramps
  • Ladder Rungs
  • Rooftop / Billboard Access
  • Scaffold Planks
  • Machine Platforms
  • Trench Covers
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Lamda-Lok
  • Rooftop Walkways
  • Scaffolding
  • Off-Shore Oil Rig
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Conveyor Access
  • Vehicle Safety Steps
  • Transportation Servicing Areas

How to Order Grip Strut

The catalog number code given below will assist you in ordering the material according to the specifications required. Call Argus Steel Products for full Grip Strut catalog.

1. Steel: First numeral is width. “8” denotes 8-diamond or 18-3/4” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “12” denotes 12 gauge, “14” denotes 14 gauge. Standard material is hot dipped galvanized (ASTM A525)

Example: 82014 = 8-Diamond, 18-3/4” wide, 2” channel, 14 gauge

2. Aluminum: First numeral is width. “4” denotes 4-diamond or 9-1/2” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “10” denotes .100” thick, “12” denotes .080” thick. Material -A: Denotes aluminum.

Example: 42012-A = 4-Diamond, 9-1/2” wide, 2” channel, .080 thick, aluminum

3. Stainless Steel: First numeral is width. “5” denotes 5-diamond or 11-3/4” width. Second and third numerals denote channel size. “20” denotes 2”, “15” denotes 1-1/2”, etc. Last two numbers denote gauge. “16” denotes 16 gauge. Material – S = Type 304, SL = 316L

Example: 52016-S = 5-Diamond, 113/4” wide, 2” channel, 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless

4. Stair Treads:  Any of the above numbers preceded by “T-” Example: T-42014 = 4-Diamond, 9-1/2” wide, 2” channel, 14 gauge, steel stair tread

Standard Sizes:  Planks: Standard 10’-0” and 12’-0” lengths are 120” and 144” respectively, with a tolerance of -0” +1/4”. Special lengths are available. Treads: Stair tread lengths are as required with tolerances of ± 1/8”.

Raw Materials:

  1. Finishes:
    1. Pre-galvanized – ASTM A525
    2. 14 gauge: hot rolled, commercial quality, oiled black steel and commercial quality, commercial coating, chemically treated galvanized steel.
    3. 12 gauge: hot rolled, pickled and oiled, commercial quality black steel and commercial quality, commercial coating, chemically treated galvanized steel.
  2. Aluminum: Alloy 5052 H-32 mill finish
  3. Stainless Steel: 2B finish – 316L (light, cold rolled) — 2D finish – 304 (cold rolled)

Fabrication service: On large jobs, Argus Steel estimates, quotes, details and fabricates to your requirements. Lump-sum quotations are made from submitted plans and specifications. After receipt of order, a bill of materials and necessary layout drawings are prepared. The plank grating is supplied with special cutting, banding and toe plates installed where needed.

The Advantages of Safe Walking and Working Surfaces

Installing Grip Strut safety grating is an excellent way to improve workplace safety, regardless of the industry you serve or your facility size. This protective metal grating delivers multiple advantages. It makes it easier to walk and work, reduces company liabilities and preserves your bottom line. You’ll also gain numerous other benefits, no matter how many square feet you need to cover.


These galvanized steel grating stair treads provide unmatched grip, even in slick and challenging conditions. Their design offers a secure hold for shoe and boot soles at nearly every point of contact, with openings small enough to catch falling objects. The grating provides a true, non-slip surface suited for indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for places where water, ice, snow, mud, oil and slick chemicals create dangerous hazards.


This safety grating for flooring is designed according to your usage requirements. Argus Steel will work with you to identify your capacity needs to deliver a product with a structural design that meets performance demands. The capacity design will ensure safe and stable operation for the long term, whether you need the product for mezzanine flooring or pedestrian stair treads. Galvanized steel grating will accommodate heavy-duty use if required.


Placing an order for plank grating is easy, and we keep extensive stock on hand that permits us to ship many orders on the same day. Installation is just as simple — one person can accomplish it. Sections are quickly welded, clamped or bolted into place and you can make cuts in the field for on-the-spot fabrications while installing. They’re also easily disassembled if you ever want to take them down.


Grip Strut steel serrated anti-slip stair treads are virtually maintenance-free and require minimal labor and materials for ongoing care. The perforated design creates a limited surface area and lets dirt, mud and other debris pass through. This feature also provides rapid drainage for liquids and makes it easy to quickly shear accumulated ice using only foot pressure. All you need to keep these treads looking clean is a brush, compressor or liquid sprayer.


You have many ways to customize Grip Strut flooring to match your facility and application. When you place your order through Argus Steel, you’ll get control over all the details, including:

  • Material type.
  • Section gauge and size.

Design possibilities include various widths and channel heights with non-standard shapes and sizes, giving you a product tailored to your needs. Control over your Grip Strut product ensures you’re satisfied with the end result.


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The plank options available make Grip Strut an excellent fit for practically any size or shape space. We’ll help you find a solution that matches your specific application’s strength and durability requirements. Call 800.368.2082 or request a quote from us today to get started.

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