Stainless Steel Vertical Mesh for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Argus Steel was a proud contributor to the award-winning expansion and renovation project at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

We were tasked with providing material to create a modern, sleek design for the new wing and its exterior landscape. One of the primary concerns was finding a stylish solution for the walkway railings. In addition to having a contemporary elegance, the solution had to be in compliance with stipulated safety regulations.

Our simple, clean design incorporated stainless steel vertical mesh, reinforced with three crimped wires that added a unique decorative element while providing additional strength and stability. Constructed from stainless steel, the mesh is impervious to exposure from outdoor elements and will maintain its beauty and serviceability over the long term.

This innovative and attractive solution is a work of modern art in itself. It provides a secure, high visibility solution that interacts perfectly with the overall architecture of one of Virginia’s most renowned institutions.

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