Fabricated Pharmaceutical Trays

Those operating in medical and pharmaceutical industries require safe ways to hold samples, store instruments and manufacture medications for consumers. Ideally, professionals will be able to help a patient or handle a high volume of goods as quickly as possible while keeping sanitation efforts in mind. The urgency inherent to fields involving medications and sterile instruments introduces the need for stainless steel pharmaceutical trays that remain easy to clean for efficiency and compliance.

At Argus Steel, our experts specialize in pharmaceutical tray fabrication procedures. We manufacture custom designs based on your applications and expectations for performance. Partner with our expert team to craft a stainless steel solution suitable for high-temperature autoclaves to streamline processes in your plant or facility.

About Our Fabricated Pharmaceutical Trays

Argus Steel has long been a supplier of pharmaceutical trays for use in sterilization and sample storage.

We can hold tolerances of ±1/32″, delivering a clean, smooth, precise, burr-free tray ready to use. Trays are typically either T304 or T316 stainless steel between 16 and 20 gauge, and can be degreased upon request. Delivery for these trays is typically is typically three to five weeks, depending on quantity.

Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Trays for Pharmaceuticals

Stainless steel is a go-to sustainable material for pharmaceutical trays, as these units can be sanitized and reused. Plastic trays are often fragile and prone to breaking, resulting in excess waste. The durability of stainless steel is unmatched, and T304 and T316 varieties also offer exceptional corrosion resistance. These properties make them highly valuable to the pharmaceutical field.

Review the details below to note further advantages of using stainless steel for fabricated pharmaceutical trays:

1. Stainless Steel Is Sanitation-Friendly

Some pharmaceutical companies handle harsh disinfectants on a daily basis. Trays consisting of paper or plastics absorb these cleaning agents, which results in the contamination of product.

Stainless steel materials do not absorb liquids, residues or debris that may be left behind between batches.

2. Return on Investment

A bundle of plastic trays will diminish quickly, meaning decision-makers must stay up to date on plastic tray inventory numbers to avoid running out, and the prices to reorder often fluctuate. Companies notice a large return on investment by opting for stainless steel fabricated pharmaceutical trays that last for years at a time.

3. An Environmentally Responsible Choice

Stainless steel is far easier to recycle and repurpose. Where plastic trays can end up in a nearby water source or landfill, stainless steel pharmaceutical trays can be refinished to become something entirely new.

4. Impact and Scratch Resistance

Pharmaceutical production routines and medical instruments put sterile trays at risk for damage. Fortunately, a stainless steel build will resist damage from accidental drops, gouges and heat exposure from machines. A plastic equivalent will dent, warp or leave a channel for bacteria to linger, which puts patients and consumers at risk.

4 Uses for Stainless Steel Medical Trays:

1. Instrument and Container Sanitation

Pharmaceutical and medical professionals can rely on stainless steel technology for cleaning equipment. From medication containers to instruments for surgery, stainless steel tray fabrication allows for chemical and heat-based sterilization.

2. Hold Surgical Tools and Implants

Anyone performing surgery benefits from stainless steel medical trays, as these surfaces stand strong against oxidation from blood and other fluids. Additionally, surgical implants may be delivered to an operating room via a stainless steel tray because they can be sanitized before and after procedures to limit the spread of bacteria.

3. Transporting Medical Samples

Surgeons have the flexibility to move medical samples around the lab or facility using fabricated trays. Select designs may feature holding slots for containers and ergonomic handles to prevent drops.

4. Patient Tables

Medical workers can bring patients food, drink and medications using flat stainless steel trays. Most custom solutions remain lightweight, making them suitable for use as bedside tables to catch crumbs or condensation from beverages.

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Argus Steel specializes in pharmaceutical tray fabrication services from our headquarters in Virginia. We serve the specialty metals needs of clients across the United States, and the world. We have no minimum order requirement. Call us at 800.368.2082 or complete a contact form to receive a free quote for your custom job.


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